Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Mistletoe Affaire!

I hope all the artists are reading this blog. Here is what is going on...
I created this blog in order to showcase work to be seen in the art exhibition called "A Mistletoe Affaire" which will be at War'Hous Visual Studio located at 4715 Main St., Houston (entering Houston from US 59 traveling N, Take the Main St. exit as if you were going to Lawndale or Rice. At the end of the exit ramp on the opposity side of the street and beside the Wendy's is War'Hous). We will hang the exhibition on Dec. 3, 2010 beginning at 5pm until finished. I appreciate all the volunteers to assist in hanging and preparations for the show. The Opening Reception will be on Dec. 4, 2010, 7-10pm. This is not a holiday show! It is a grand showcase of Houston's best artists, visiting artists, and their best works from 2010! These works will be varied, from different  disciplines, and exclusive to the artist, original in every way. Each participating artist will display their personal choice of their best original works for sale. This is a Showcase and a celebration of Visual Arts in Houston for artists from all disciplines are welcome without a jury to determine which works are good enough or of the subject matter predetermine. Let us all show off our best and most professional pieces and let the public decide! The exhibition will hang in  War'Hous until Dec. 15, 2010 at which time the gallery will need to be cleaned and ready for the next event. Art pick-up will be on that evening after 5pm. Clean up will also begin at this time for those interested in helping.
The gallery is generally open week days, noon to 8pm or by appointment. This facility is also the personal studio of Artist Dandee Danao. He is painting during this time unless the gallery is used for another function.
It has been proposed that since the exhibition will be hanging, a great way to get traffic to stop by is to promote use of the gallery for parties, artist presentations, live painting demonstrations, group meetings, etc. It has already been expressed to me that one Houston artists' group, not directly related to this exhibition would like to have a holiday get together on Dec. 14, 2010 perhaps with a presentation by a participating artist. More on that later...
The point is that all of the artists involved with this show are also involved with many other groups, organizations, or just want to get together and paint some night sometime for the duration of this show. So, I propose that if anyone wants to do a live painting exhibition one other night during the gallery's regular hours please contact me at I would love to participate in something like this. Let's make use of this space and time together.
Peace, Suzanne

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